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Proposition 94 – Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact – State of California

Summary of Arguments FOR Proposition 94:

YES on 94, 95, 96, 97 preserves four tribal gaming agreements and protects hundreds of millions of dollars each year they will provide to our state. The agreements increase the percentage of revenues tribes pay to the state, mandate strict new environmental protections, and share revenues with non-gaming tribes.

Summary of Arguments AGAINST Proposition 94:

Part of Sacramento political deal for 4 wealthy, powerful tribes. Bad deal for California. Huge casino gambling expansion. Could economically devastate other tribes. Lacks protections for workers, environment. Loophole language lets tribes manipulate revenue and underpay state. Revenue claims wildly exaggerated. Schools not guaranteed 1ยข. NO–94, 95, 96, 97.

RESULT – Pass: 4,645,274 / 55.8% Yes votes …… 3,685,926 / 44.2% No votes

Heating boiler cover policies

When your boiler has a problem or equipment failure you will call for assistance from a heating engineer to deal with your home problem. Gas can be life-threatening and the law specifies that you will require a CORGI certified maintenance engineer to finish the work. Modern gas boilers can be very intricate incorporating a large number of electronics and detectors and are not easily maintained. As a result many of these issues are beyond those of the common DIY handyman.

Breakdowns happen and this will not be an issue if you have taken out a heating boiler care plan in advance. You will rapidly get in the experts you require to call and help you with your problem.

You don’t have to to search far for central heating boiler care providers as they are well known like the main ones below.

The first company is British Gas who have all of the functions in your home can be protected with their British Gas HomeCare range. the pertinent service in this case is Home Care 100 which is a boiler maintenance and breakdown remedy service for your boiler, timers, connected electrical temperature controls pump and programmer. A 24 hour telephone hot line can get you immediate assistance any day of the year An annual service of your central heating boiler with access to over five thousand five hundred qualified and CORGI certified plumbers is also provided. Once you commit to the monthly subscription your problems are over as this service covers unlimited callouts and any labour or parts charges.

Another major utility is E.ON who offer Central Heating Care which provides breakdown protection, a service and problem repairs for your whole central heating system including your central heating boiler. This offers you sure-handed help when you have a central heating problem. To keep your system safe you get a first inspection within the first twenty eight days to check your central heating boiler and central heating system is running properly. After this period there will be an annual safety and maintenance review giving you further protective cover.

Last but not least in this survey is Homeserve with one of the lowest price gas boiler insurance offers focusing on your heating boiler and the heating boiler pump. A 24 hour claim line gives you express response and peace of mind as any repairs are warranted for the lifespan of your protection. Repairs are carried through by Homeserve approved CORGI certified heating engineers.

These three suppliers are the leaders in their market but only represent a small number on the gas boiler care plans which are offered. There is a very wide choice of the plans to select from. This choice means that there is a range of services for every budget and the chance for everybody to protect their boiler. Who wants to madly search for a local maintenance engineer when they have a gas boiler breakdown. Protect your boiler and family by moving now.